JAL Portfolio Companies

Direct Mail Marketing provider
Marketing.com is a full-service marketing agency specializing in omnichannel marketing services for national and regional brands, multi-location brands, and franchise organizations. Our dynamic approach offers a different viewpoint - we combine the power of search, social, display, print and promo to build targeted and integrated marketing campaigns throughout every aspect of communication.
Tshirts.com is an apparel and promotional products design, sourcing, and  manufacturing solutions provider.  The company provide wholesale apparel solutions to over 3,000 retail location and works with with businesses, schools and others to provide custom decorated apparel.  Tshirts.com also operates multiple proprietary e-commerce brands.
ColorArt is one of the nation's largest printers, delivering custom print, marketing, and logistics solutions to clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local and regional small businesses.
Capital Signs
Capital Signs & Awnings is a multi-plant sign manufacturing, installation and maintenance company serving local and national clients, including Popeye's, Bass Pro Shops, Macy's and  many more.

2022 Milestones

JAL Equity executed 17 acquisitions in 2022 and currently has physical operations in 17 US states.
JAL Equity companies acquired in 2022 generated approximately $300mm in revenues.
JAL Equity companies employ approximately 2,000 people in 30 locations across the globe.